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In Restart on January 2, 2011 at 12:24 am



Tallship not included in actual view from the piano.

I’m a regular at the River Mill in Kingston. Pianist, that is, though there is no reason not to regularly frequent the establishment for its fine-cuisine and excellent service. Just like last year, I spent NYE playing there, to a full and appreciative crowd. Fireworks came on at 9, which made for such a lovely view from the piano. Inspired by the view and the sentiments it triggered, I played a rendition of Katy Perry’s hit, “Fireworks”, to which an Elvis Presley request followed… okay, I’m there to please, after all.

2010 has come and passed so quickly, too quickly perhaps, with all its ups and downs. It got a hit start in Los Angeles, then half a year in Paris, a visit to Haiti, followed by a month in Manhattan, another month in China, and eventually back to Canada for the Fall and Winter. The necessities and challenges of being a modern-day nomad turned me into a light packer, and an even speedier one now that the suitcases are hardly ever unpacked. I once read a quote that reads something along the lines of, “my bags are always packed, so when the opportunity comes along, I lose no time.” That’s definitely me. A bare minimalist at my Kingston apartment, I’ve only a mattress, surrounded by 3 suitcases, and a full-length mirror in my possession.

I’ve always been action-oriented in nature, and 2010 was full of that… It has been a great adventure year, by any standard. There were a lot of sparks, but it was lacking in … well, fireworks, for the lack of a more proper word. “You just haven’t had your day in court“, those were the words of a very wise and special “godfather”, which sums up exactly how I feel.

“Every seed knows its time.” (ancient proverb)
Perhaps in 2011, I will ignite 🙂



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