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Life is a ticket to the greatest show on Earth

In life, poetry on February 25, 2011 at 3:55 am

Photo by Sasporella on Flickr

If I could,

I would write my own script,

weave my own plots,

direct my own scenes,

and compose a soundtrack as great as James Horner’s.

I would play with costumes,

Speak in a different tongue,

and recreate something

with that certain je-ne-sais-quoi,

that would captivate you

and make you care,

perhaps even stare.

Would there be drama in this passionate tale?

Tension to last, less the resolution fail.

In a different light,

are you still the star?

Or just a spectator,

at a corner of a bar…

Are you lost in a mirror maze?

Narcissism is a death trap,

not a phase.

Take down the mirrors,

then you have a way out.

Still not your scene?

Let go and pick a reroute.

Take your time,

take your breath,

and take mine away.

Don’t tell me you can’t act,

I’ve just written you a play.

Life is a ticket to the greatest show on Earth.

You get one.




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