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Sh!t Girls Say

In LOL on December 21, 2011 at 4:31 am

Why waste time reading up @shitgirlssay (do it, if you haven’t) on Twitter when I have the real deal, the better deal? Indeed, I have the best girlfriends anyone could ever ask for, and this is just a glimpse of our incredible, consuming, can’t-live-without-eachother- love that gets us through life’s ups and downs.

N.B. I would have had more (and probably funnier) material, except for my 7 year old brother deleted my text records when he took a break from Angry Birds on my phone 😦

We talk about our diet:

  • Apparently never consume less than 1200 calories a day – Cosmo, ughh…I have no clue how much I consume.
  • I need coffee…
  • No sugar, just milk, fat-free.
  • Do you have sugar-free syrup?
  • …and then I had a super caloric explosion Mexican meal, and now I feel bloated.
  • I feel like a child. Who eats applesauce at midday?
  • Aaaand I’m eating popcorn and drinking wine. It’s my treat.
  • I really should stick to gin and slimline tonic, but it’s chocolate and wine for now.
  • I needed shampoo, but the chocolates were on sale…
  • You should try Hennessy and Guru, it tastes like gummy bears.
  • I made a peach salad with beans, rice, and veg., my mom’s like “wtf is that?”
  • Horchata? Ooooo. Sounds like you have to slur the “r” to make it sound fancy. lol.
  • Picnicking on random islands all day.
  • I get cranky when I’m starving.
  • Happy monday morning! I already took a bubble bath, made a steak/bok choy/udon stir fry for lunch…..and am now gracing your wall with some mad love. ♥

We talk about men, the ones we date, the ones we wish we dated, the ones we dread, and the ones we call boss:

  • We’re soon to be cougar status so we have to embrace the young men
  • #newprospect
  • je suis confused :S
  • He’s so ESL, it pains me!!
  • Ew. He didn’t even offer to help?? How useless.
  • How did the cuddle go?
  • He fills me with pain and dread.
  • I like being inconsistent with his dumbness.
  • omg slowpoke just bribed my boss with his mother’s cooking, wtffff.
  • Wtf I’m so ugly. Overtiming when I don’t get paid OT.
  • Are you his boss yet?
  • She thinks IT dude likes me. Lmaooo. I died and said no.

We send updates about random behaviour…

  • Seriously…why are we even here?
  • I’m tanning with a shirt over my face.
  • Bahhhhhh I left my wallet there. To trust or not to trust the cleaning staff? Bahhhhhh I’ll go get it. Bahhh.
  • Did you see me lock my locker?
  • Ughhh I still can’t move my arms from weight circuit and chin-ups.
  • Just left the office, woooo!
  • I’m just being emo and lame. And now “Jar of hearts” is on the radio. FML.
  • Creeping yields good things. Lol!

We shamelessly express our overflowing love for each other. lol.

  • I really enjoy when you post a throw up of love on my wall. I really truly do.
  • Skype date??
  • I also feel like this is wayyy too much info. for FB, but whatever.
  • omg they thought we were lesbians…again!
  • omg my kids are sooo going to like you better!
  • I love you in all your forms
  • Sending love and bobble headed smiles your way
  • Our intensity makes my smartphone a dumbphone. lol. ughhh. by the time iphone refreshes the page, you’re onto line 187, and I’m just a lost soul 😦

And we hashtag all the time, even when we’re not on Twitter, I would share, but … #maybenextpost

Love you D&M,



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