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About Xiren

Xiren Wang CitynightI’m an artist. By calling, by choice, by training, by spirit, by code, by DNA.
I’m a millennial.  The generation of our current obsession. Too old to tolerate teenage angst/man-child syndrome/pretty-girl drama. Too young to believe the impossible.
The world is my oyster. I didn’t let my schooling get in the way of my education. Elite institutions. Conservatories. The jungle that’s NYC. The lights that make Paris. The castle in England. The toxic people and dangerous personalities. The angels and blessings.
I take from it all.
I know what I stand for. Everything else falls under “distraction”.
I don’t romanticize the notion of perfection, as I see it as a fragile quality. I prefer to be wired in a way that’s anti-fragile.
I ask a lot of questions. Sometimes, even my responses to questions come in question-form. Wired that way.
I believe in, and thus, make room for, serendipity.

This blog is my ‘think-out-LOUD’ platform for sharing the myriad of topics that grab me. I’m attracted to the extraordinary, to anyone and anything with that certain JeNeSaisQuoi.

Curious by nature, nomadic by circumstance, after having been immersed in 28 countries, my thirst and quest for adventure have only grown stronger, and more intense. My qualities, adaptability, boundless imagination, training, and yearning for the deeper truth form my presence, and make me the actress I am today. “Film is truth, 24 times a second”, the words of Monsieur Godard are words of gold. It’s a blessing to be able to Iive so truthfully, so multi-dimensionally, and to regain the lost innocence and vulnerability. The Starbucks world is simply too dull and too flat.

Choose truth, choose love, choose YES.
These are the choices I make every day, every second, 24 times a second.


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