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Sh!t Girls Say

In LOL on December 21, 2011 at 4:31 am

Why waste time reading up @shitgirlssay (do it, if you haven’t) on Twitter when I have the real deal, the better deal? Indeed, I have the best girlfriends anyone could ever ask for, and this is just a glimpse of our incredible, consuming, can’t-live-without-eachother- love that gets us through life’s ups and downs.

N.B. I would have had more (and probably funnier) material, except for my 7 year old brother deleted my text records when he took a break from Angry Birds on my phone 😦

We talk about our diet:

  • Apparently never consume less than 1200 calories a day – Cosmo, ughh…I have no clue how much I consume.
  • I need coffee…
  • No sugar, just milk, fat-free.
  • Do you have sugar-free syrup?
  • …and then I had a super caloric explosion Mexican meal, and now I feel bloated.
  • I feel like a child. Who eats applesauce at midday?
  • Aaaand I’m eating popcorn and drinking wine. It’s my treat.
  • I really should stick to gin and slimline tonic, but it’s chocolate and wine for now.
  • I needed shampoo, but the chocolates were on sale…
  • You should try Hennessy and Guru, it tastes like gummy bears.
  • I made a peach salad with beans, rice, and veg., my mom’s like “wtf is that?”
  • Horchata? Ooooo. Sounds like you have to slur the “r” to make it sound fancy. lol.
  • Picnicking on random islands all day.
  • I get cranky when I’m starving.
  • Happy monday morning! I already took a bubble bath, made a steak/bok choy/udon stir fry for lunch…..and am now gracing your wall with some mad love. ♥

We talk about men, the ones we date, the ones we wish we dated, the ones we dread, and the ones we call boss:

  • We’re soon to be cougar status so we have to embrace the young men
  • #newprospect
  • je suis confused :S
  • He’s so ESL, it pains me!!
  • Ew. He didn’t even offer to help?? How useless.
  • How did the cuddle go?
  • He fills me with pain and dread.
  • I like being inconsistent with his dumbness.
  • omg slowpoke just bribed my boss with his mother’s cooking, wtffff.
  • Wtf I’m so ugly. Overtiming when I don’t get paid OT.
  • Are you his boss yet?
  • She thinks IT dude likes me. Lmaooo. I died and said no.

We send updates about random behaviour…

  • Seriously…why are we even here?
  • I’m tanning with a shirt over my face.
  • Bahhhhhh I left my wallet there. To trust or not to trust the cleaning staff? Bahhhhhh I’ll go get it. Bahhh.
  • Did you see me lock my locker?
  • Ughhh I still can’t move my arms from weight circuit and chin-ups.
  • Just left the office, woooo!
  • I’m just being emo and lame. And now “Jar of hearts” is on the radio. FML.
  • Creeping yields good things. Lol!

We shamelessly express our overflowing love for each other. lol.

  • I really enjoy when you post a throw up of love on my wall. I really truly do.
  • Skype date??
  • I also feel like this is wayyy too much info. for FB, but whatever.
  • omg they thought we were lesbians…again!
  • omg my kids are sooo going to like you better!
  • I love you in all your forms
  • Sending love and bobble headed smiles your way
  • Our intensity makes my smartphone a dumbphone. lol. ughhh. by the time iphone refreshes the page, you’re onto line 187, and I’m just a lost soul 😦

And we hashtag all the time, even when we’re not on Twitter, I would share, but … #maybenextpost

Love you D&M,



Weeding “the Field”

In XX & XY on February 20, 2011 at 5:31 am

XX vs. Type Bruno

My high school best friend just got married to her high school sweetheart of seven years last night, on her 23rd birthday – it was a beautiful union. I, on the other hand, have not yet experienced a relationship that surpassed 7 months (or half that, actually)… so… I’m not at all qualified to talk about (serious, romantic) relationships or the sort, but I write about what I know, and I know the market.

You’d be mistaken to think that I’m a commitmophobe/commitaphobe, because my art owns my heart. Instead of boys, I chase my dreams, wherever they lead me, and it’s difficult to find a partner who’s as daring, driven, or unattached. 8 years and counting, you can say that I’ve tread through my share of fields. By virtue of my travels, I can even talk about it on a global level… In fact, a close friend suggested that I should start an anonymous blog for the sole purpose of recording my (colourful/aka terrible, around-the-world) dating experiences – something along the lines of “the secret diaries of a modern nomad”, or “the globe-trotting serial-dater”… He thinks it’ll be a huge hit – coming from someone in the news/media industry, I was flattered. But that’s not the point.

Jane Austen may have given me unrealistic expectations of love, but “field-training” certainly killed my naivety. I can snatch out the cheaters, the liars, and the unfaithful quicker and more accurate than most of my friends, certainly, most of those in-relationships. I can drop this tip with regret, that when there is a discrepancy between the “truths” offered by your honey vs. your friend, and you dismiss your friend…chances are, you’re being played. Nonetheless, it varies by case.

The market is complicated nowadays. What does it mean to be “together” or “dating”? Can you “see” someone else when you are already “seeing someone”? Is “dealing” an exclusive thing? So many loose definitions, a dictionary would come in handy here. Generally speaking, ladies hate the gray-zone, but gray-zone seems to be green-zone for a good amount of men out there. No commitments, no strings attached, no obligations … at least that’s the way they’ve got it worked out in their heads – on both ends.

Speaking of green, I’m anti-recycling on the field. Find a new patch – it ain’t hard. Moving on is good for you – and those around you. “See” a girl, then take the virginity of her close friend? Messaging the two of them on the same night years later because you’re that needy? Bruno, you’re a model of a cheap pathetic douche. I should have un-friended you 4 years ago when I caught you lying the first time. Just GTFO of my life – you’re polluting the field.